XX XY Embroidery

Lada Neoberdina
Drawing according to cross-stitch style
Acrylic paint, tarpaulin
3 x 10 m

The 7th Performance
Doriane Berantelli and Côme Desno
13 : 9
CDBD Production
Paris, France

In 2019, I had the pleasure to design a part of the set for the short film «The 7th Performance» by French directors Doriane Berantelli and Côme Desno. For this occasion, I created a large transparent drape in the style of «XX XY Embroidery» which served as a background for most of the scenes.
The film was made with the help of the La Femis cinema school.

«The exhibition organized by Hugo ends. The place is empty, some artists start to take down their work. A last performance must however take place in spite of the lack of public. Adèle, who is preparing for it, is worried about it.
The film was woven around a desire to talk about sexism, and the difficulty of putting one's values into practice in certain conflictual situations with one's loved ones.»
Doriane Berantelli and Côme Desno, 2019