Female characters

and the Trees of life
Female characters and the Trees of life

Lada Neoberdina
Acrylic painting on a cotton drape, varnish
Drawing according to embroidery motif from a female blouse from province of Olonets (Russia, 19th century)
Unique piece in two parts
3 x 5 m and 3 x 17 m
La Manufacture
Museum of textile memory and textile design
Roubaix, France

The embroidery motifs, usually of modest size, are presented here as subjects of historical, heroic and picturesque painting, on a monumental drape. This change of scale operates a change of status, of perception, perhaps even of value.
The traditional motifs lead a festive and playful round, leading us to celebrate life, fertility, change, renewal.
The relationship to the living body, feminine or that of Nature, and to manual and artisanal work, is highlighted by the realization with the finger, soaked in red acrylic.