La Petite Mort

The little death
The little death

La Petite Mort (french poetic expression for orgasm)
Annie Gisler
Documentary, 61 min
With : Anne-Valérie, Aude, Aurore, Lada and Maggie
Writer & Director : Annie Gisler
Production: DOK MOBILE
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In 2018, I had the pleasure of being one of five protagonists in the film «The little death»» by Swiss director Annie Gisler.
Since the film toured the world and won numerous awards at international festivals :
Best Documentary Award, International Film Festival, Santa Cruz, Argentina
Best Women’s Feature film, The Beyond Earth Film Festival, Kolkata, India
Best Documentary award, Filmz, Mainz, Germany
Best Director award, Courage Film Festival, Berlin, Germany

«The little death» is a documentary film about the female orgasm. Women from various age, experiences and sexual preferences talk about their orgasms in all sincerity. Poetical, abstract and metaphoric images take us in the heart of their sensations. Speaking about orgasm, the protagonists talk about their desires, their sexuality. With sensibility, poetry and humor, the film take us in the intimacy of women. Far away from pornography or performance’s cult. The film is a collective adventure, driven by a common will to break some taboos that still weigh on female sexuality.
«The little death» is a dialog between women, for women. And for men.

Annie Gisler, 2018