What if we imagine the human history in a form of textile? In contrast to the linear vision of history, the warp will be the parallel development of different countries, peoples and ethnic groups. They will be tragically connected by the weft - such events as wars, epidemics and natural disasters.

Embroidery on the textile connects quasi perfunctory, but it permeates all the way through, as strong as necessary. Art and culture can become connecting elements, as well as universal human values such as freedom, equality, tolerance... and love.

Lada Neoberdina was born in Russia (1988), but has been living and working in France for the past fifteen years. Since obtaining her Master’s Degree in Cityspace Design from the High Fine Arts School (Le Mans, France), she has participated in diverse projects including individual and group exhibitions, artist residencies, film, and dance, both in France and abroad.

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