XX XY Embroidery. School

Lada Neoberdina
In situ intervention
Drawing according to cross-stitch style, gold chalk marker
Contemporary Art Biennial
Old school
Gentilly, France

The concept of the series «XX XY Embroidery» is inspired by the cross-stitch embroidery - xxxx. However, the old pattern is modified by incorporating a (Y). This (Y) is the symbol of the male sex chromosome, which forms together with the female sex chromosome (X), a pair of binary «shortcuts» - XY and XX.
The drawing presents other combinations: XXX, XXY, YY and proposes a more realistic vision of the great chromosomal variation. Thus, from a distance the drawing remains well readable and from close up, it proposes the vision of a more inclusive society and more representative of the differences it contains.
The ephemeral version of this project offers an even more favourable ground for discussion, as the project is destined to disappear. The discussions around it, however, will remain.