or the Garden of delights
Eden or the Garden of delights

Lada Neoberdina
In situ installation, performance
Onions, glasses, banner, videos

Exhibition views
Eden or the Garden of delights
16.03.2017 - 23.03.2017
CIC Fabrika Art center
Moscow, Russia

Place an onion in a glass of water and watch it grow, is a popular winter habit in some Eastern European countries. Here, a hundred onions are born, grow, put down roots and die under the watchful eye of a golden watering can.
The main character of the book The Case of Doctor Kukotsky (Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Russia, 2000), evokes the illegal practice of abortions, dating from the beginning of the 20th century, using an onion inserted into the uterus. If in 2022 this seems unreal to us it is only because we have heard more about practices such as soapy water, coat hangers, «falling down the stairs».
On the other hand, the right to legal abortion in France, hasn’t even celebrated its 50th anniversary yet. And the latest news from the world’s largest «democracy» does not give hope that this right is really acquired.
Through the prism of a perverse vision of Eden, I question the pressure that Power would exert on its subordinates. I question the freedom to dispose of one’s body, one’s fluids, to choose one’s sexuality. Does birth control, the control of our parents’ bodies, does it make us as free citizens as we think we are?