Embroidery : the starting point

Embroidery : the starting point

Carte Blanche to Lada Neoberdina, artist and curator

Solo - group show with works of Lada Neoberdina and of 26 invited artists :
Aleksandra Kachko
Andoni Maillard
Angelina Merenkova
Calypso Debrot and Dany Mucciarelli / Vertige Nodal
Charlotte Salvanès
Deneth Piumakshi Wedaarachchige
Doriane Berantelli and Côme Desno
Erika Vaury
Eva Degtiareva
Fan-Dok Galerie d’Art and Artothèque
Federica Peyrolo
Golnâz Pâyâni
Harmonie Aupetit
Julia Aleshicheva
Maria Lai
Monique Lemonnier
Nada Diane Fridi
Nawel Ben Kraïem
Pascale Goldenberg and Association DAI / Guldusi
Perrine Clément
Shani Ha
Sonia Lalaoui
Svetlana Kochergina

01.02.2020 - 30.08.2020
La Manufacture
Museum of textile memory and textile design
Roubaix, France

Podcast Embroidery : the starting point by Perrine Clément

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The exhibition Embroidery : the starting point designed and produced by artist Lada Neoberdina, centers on the subject of embroidery. The title refers to the many stitches, or ways of embroidering, and celebrates their diversity and richness. Embroidery is also presented as a ground of exchange, of bonds and memory; an opportunity to meet and share.
For the artist, embroidery ceases to be outdated and gendered and turns into a contemporary medium that allows to address current and tricky subjects.
In the outstanding framework of La Manufacture, textile memory and textile design, Lada Neoberdina wishes to celebrate embroidery as a practice that brings together and is pursued within communities: which is why she invites other artists, mainly women, to show their work alongside hers.
The contemporary and international embroiderers showcase a great diversity of projects: installation, painting, traditional embroidery, GIF art, performance, video art, song, urban art, and acoustic poetry. The plurality of shapes that embroidery takes in these pieces demonstrates the interest of the artists in this familiar technique and allows the exploration of its creative potential.
For Lada Neoberdina, this collective exhibition is also an attempt to deconstruct an artistic discourse that is commonly androcentric and based on individualism and genius, and rejects systematically any form of solidarity and group expression. While a plural and pluridisciplinary practice offers deeper knowledge of the subject and contemporary interrogations, and demonstrates a correlation specific to all human activity, let us listen to what others might have to say...