XX XY Roses

Lada Neoberdina
Drawing according to cross-stitch style (Germany, 19th century)
Acrylic paint, sawdust
685 x 310 cm
Manufacture des Œillets
Ivry-sur-Seine, France

The concept of the series «XX XY Embroidery» is inspired by the cross-stitch embroidery - xxxx. However, the old pattern is modified by incorporating a (Y). This (Y) is the symbol of the male sex chromosome, and it forms together with the female sex chromosome (X), a pair of binary «shortcuts» - XY and XX.
The drawing presents other combinations: XXX, XXY, YY and proposes a more realistic vision of the great chromosomal variation. Thus, from a distance the drawing remains well readable and from close up, it proposes the vision of a more inclusive society and more representative of the differences it contains.