Lego coffee table
Histogram / Lego coffee table

Nucleo_Piergiorgio Robino + Alice C. Occleppo + Lada Neoberdina
Lego bricks, gold plated lego brick
54 x 58 x 48, 5H cm
©2022 Nucleo


To celebrate its 15th birthday, Nucleo has created a special gift to share with all their fans, friends and followers.
Nucleo has made an affordable version of the latest project Histogram (the original is designed for Nilufar Unlimited). The new version is even more unlimited, Nucleo has create a Lego version that you can build yourself.
Nucleo Lego Histogram is for free.
The only thing that you need to do is to send them your email by pressing the submit button on their website (www.nucleo.to) and they will send you the instructions to build it. Complete your Lego Histogram by buying the Nucleo certification. A gold plated Lego brick with the Nucleo logo engraved.
You can download the Lego Histogram instructions on Nucleo website too.
All the bricks are available at the Lego Online Store, but some pieces may temporarily be unavailable.