The Benches

Variations. Carnival
The Benches. Variations. Carnival

Lada Neoberdina
Permanente intervention
Acrylic paint, varnish, gliter on the public benches
Variable dimensions
Bagneux, France

For this project, I had the opportunity to permanently invest four benches in the city of Bagneux (France). The subject of carnival is dear to me because of its principle of ephemeral overthrow of power.

The carnival would be par excellence the popular festival because it is the festival of the impertinence and the grotesque. [...]
We know that it denounces routine, that it kills the old man. But how can we not see that he does it only in the spirit of the cycle, knowing too well that it will be a question of starting again in the same conditions one year later, and that he does it only in the spirit of the simulacrum, sure of the fact that he dethrones the kings of history only in images and «for laughs» ?

Jacques Dubois «Carnival: festival, revolt, spectacle - For a history», 1979

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