A hut

The turtle hut
A hut called The turtle hut

Lada Neoberdina
Print on cardboard, colored pencils, fuchsia thread
25 x 25 x 25 cm

I’m his/her daugther

Lada Neoberdina
Cardboard, laser cut
30 x 45 cm

Exhibition views
Je n’ai plus de sentiment dans le doigt
23.06 - 26.06.2022
Espace Lebeau
Brussels, Belgium

La Cambre
Visual Arts School
Brussels, Belgium

Many years ago, my grandfather made a hut for my little land turtle. As a skilled craftsman, he used one of my father’s children’s books, sewing the cardboard pages together like felt boots.
I wanted to relive his actions, but unlike the first hut, the story of the boy-general and the gun-bear ended up next to the wounded flesh, and the childish story was replaced by a death poem. The physical and psychological pain of war, loss and injury, found a material form, a refuge. They have also burned the paper by making it into a poem. As exorcising objects, will they open the way to deliverance?